When Segway reports an error, it usually means that dispatched GMTK jobs failed somehow. Look in log/ to see all the jobs and whether they reported an error in the form of nonzero exit status in the last column. If the job had a “75” exit status (or an “EX_TEMPFAIL”) the job simply ran out of memory. If this was the last job with this error, increase the allowed memory in your -mem-usage option. Otherwise if the job had a non-zero exit status and it wasn’t due to out of memory issues, look in output/e/instance/jobname to find the cause of the underlying error. See Task output for more output information.

Are your bundle jobs failing? This might be because an accumulator file (written by individual job) is corrupted or truncated. This can happen when you run out of disk space.

If it is not immediately apparent why a job is failing, it is probably useful to look in log/ to find the command line that Segway uses to call GMTK. Try running that to see if it gives you any clues. You may want to switch the GMTK option -verbosity 0 to -verbosity 30 to get more information.

An error like

ERROR: discrete observed random variable ‘presence_dnase’, frame 0, line 23, specifies a feature element 14:14 that is out of discrete range ([23:45] inclusive) of observation matrix

probably indicates that you are incorrectly mixing and matching files and segway.str files from different training runs.

If you are unable to reslove your issue on your own, consider inquiring on the mailing list <> listed on the Support page.